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4*25 years Relay- Race of Life

Life is 4*100 meter relay race with hurdles. The baton that passes through the race is same but the circumstances of the person that carries the baton change after every 100 meters. Even the person can change the perspective of the race by changing the circumstances. To win the race, smooth and accurate passing of baton and skills (psychological wisdom) of the person that carries the baton are most important. We all know this. We practice again and again for smooth and accurate passing of baton and to refine psychological programme.

Life is 4*25 years relay race with unpredictable hurdles. It is 4 parts of unpredictable revelation and performance. Do you practice to go through each part of this race with grace, dignity and warmth?

You prepare yourself to walk and cross these 4 parts of life smoothly and gracefully.

What are these parts?

You are born: When you are born, the first 100 meter race starts. In this part of the race you develop your full unique potential. You come across parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings, friends, teachers, religious preachers and are exposed to the culture. Some help in your development and others work as an obstacles in your way. The ultimate choice is in your hands to see who is actually for your development and who makes you stagnant in your development.

This stage of the race is very crucial. The secret of crossing this part of the race smoothly and accurately is, don’t confront with your obstacles and don’t get carried away by your development-push with other hands. Be open to choose right for you and move at your own unique pace.

Take the control of your development in your hand. You may disobey all your near and dear ones but obey your conscience. If this stage of race is not completed in full potential, it affects badly the next part of the race.

It may not even allow you to complete the race. You’ll be struck by viruses of emotion and attachment of known, fear and worry of the unknown. It all distracts you from your psychological development. Don’t let these viruses make a home in your psychological pattern of thinking. That is the message given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna through Gita.

When you reach at the crossroad and don’t know which way to take, ask your conscience. Listen to its unique answer which will be delivered only to you. Then put that answer into action and move that way. If there’s a long pause in your answer, wait patiently for your answer. You generally never develop your receiver of consciousness. You are too busy listening to noise for which you are trained from childhood.

Time is the best source available to you, use it efficiently. This part of the race develops your healthy psychological programme.

Marriage: The second part of the race starts with your marriage. In this part, your ankles and hands are cuffed with your unique, special partner in life.

How the partner will come out is uncertain. He/she may have different pace of movement with the feet and different way of working with the hands. He/she hears and sees through his/her unique processor. It makes his/her unique way of accumulating and comprehending knowledge. It pulls him in his/her own unique way. It is quite impossible to check that unique way of action. It is a firm habit. It can’t be made compatible to each other.

Generally people get stressed in this part of the race. How can you cross this part of the race gracefully without stress?

It is very simple.

Remember you are cuffed together with ankle and hand and the key is with God to unlock that. You don’t argue why god has cuffed you with ankle and hands together and take away the key in His pocket.

You know love but you don’t know passionate love. This bond is only for passionate love. Until now, the other bonds of life have not been for passionate love.

Passionate love is love for romance and intimacy only. You may be habitual of any working pattern, expand to any limit of acceptable or unacceptable pattern with your partner but squeeze back for love and romance of passionate love. Remember this part of the race is only for passionate love and intimacy, and not to compete with your partner. It relaxes you and rejuvenates you for the next day and next part of race.

Through passionate love, God empowers you to bring fresh life on earth. God takes away the key of the cuffs so that fresh life is fully nurtured by both of you.

Child enters your life: When new life in the form of a child enters your life, the third part of the race starts.

You don’t know what surprises will come in your life with a child. Are you ready to take that surprise and move in your race smoothly and accurately?

Your child can be physically and mentally normal or with congenital disorders although your DNA will not show any abnormality. Your child can be independent or totally dependent upon you.

Child can be normal psychological and good intellectual or with abnormal psychology and poor intelligence.

Generally you understand physical abnormalities easily. But psychological abnormalities and poor intelligence are hard to be recognised and understood by you.

Learn to listen to the unique intelligence by which a child is born. Don’t judge and criticize with yourself or someone else.

When you make atonement with new unique intelligence it will make this part of race smooth and accurate.

Here I will like to share an interesting question with you. It was asked to me when I was in the 5th standard.

Question: you have to cross a river in a boat. In the boat, you have one goat and two lemons to carry along with you to the other shore. The problem is that with one goat and two lemons boat will sink and you can’t make two trips. How will you manage it?

Answer: At that tender age, after giving full thought to the problem I answered. While rowing the boat to the other side of the shore, I will juggle the lemons with my hands in such a manner that one lemon will touch my hand and the other will remain in the air all through the journey.

Hidden message: With creativity you can row your boat of family to the other side of the shore, end of this part of race. It means you can pass this stage of the race smoothly and accurately by seeing the limitations of a new entry and your creativity to carry it with you.

Child’s spouse: Now it is the last leg of the race. A new life in the form of your child’s spouse will join you. He/she will come with a unique pattern of thinking and new ambitions, energy and vision unique to him.

Are you willing to move with them or you want to make them move with you? Generally you try to make them move with you and it leads to future problems. It is more advisable to infuse yourself with freshness of the new energy and vision to which you are exposed. With the infusion of fresh energy, the last leg of your race will be smooth and accurate till the finish line.

Here again I will like to share with you the wisdom of one of my client.

She is 55 years old and belongs to a good business family but not educated. She put all her efforts to educate her two daughters and two sons to get professional education and well placed in their jobs.

Here comes the vision of that woman. She anticipated that all her son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws will be highly educated professionals. They will talk to each other in English. They will be fond of Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Continental food.

Her concern.is, how she will adjust with them and be part of their company, which they should also relish. At that age she decided to develop herself to mingle with them. She took home tuitions to learn the English language. Now, she speaks English fluently. Then she hired a lady for cookery classes, she learned the art of making Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Continental food. She mastered the art of baking breads, cakes etc.

She has given a new look to her personality by speaking in English and cooking all mouth-watering dishes of different cultures globally.

Bring that enthusiasm and vision in your personality to touch the end point of the race smoothly and accurately.

This shared vision of me will help you in building the compass of your life that is the psychological programme to move ahead in your 4*25 years relay race of life till the very end point and winning laurel.

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