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Develop your Wisdom to Manage your Anger

A lot of work is done on anger management by different authors. Some says yoga helps in anger management. Some says joining some religious group will help you, and guide you in anger management. When people are unable to manage their anger, they visit me.

The things may be in a better way but you are angry because they are simply not in your way.

I say ‘Develop your wisdom to manage your anger’.

Small Bomb

Here I will share what really works in defusing this small bomb, anger, which is more dangerous than a nuclear bomb. Nuclear bomb kills you once but this bomb kills you slowly and mercilessly every moment.

Have you ever thought this way? An unborn child in the womb could be displaying anger but this is so soft that the woman feels it as the antics of her unborn child.

It is important how you feel the messages and situations and react to them. Listen silent messages to understand.

Response of child

Sometimes a child expresses his message through silent communication, showing facial expression. The child uses soft assertive ways while smiling. They are so soft, you are unable to read them and force your whips on your vulnerable child.

Slowly the child learns that soft skills don’t really work, physical harm is the only way to get you listened. It becomes his habit. Later it is converted into a short tempered personality. The child becomes angry on trivial matters and adopts violent ways. Because he has learnt that violent ways work.

A creative wisdom for you

Once, there was a rich man who was very proud and adamant. He used to abuse and beat his wife. Due to unknown reasons his business went down and he became penniless.

He blamed his wife for all this and abused her furiously. In front of her, he pledged to God that if he became rich again, he would beat his wife one hundred times with a whip and left the house. At the same moment his wife was thinking of complaining to king about his abusive behaviour which was affecting her children. She pledged to send him in jail if he came back.

He started concentrating on his work to be rich and back to beat his wife. Slowly he regained his wealth and became very rich. During this period of time he realised that his wife was not responsible for the fall of his business. She was nice, caring, loving and generous and respected him.

Manly wisdom

Then he came back home and greeted his wife with warm hug.

Earlier, he had pledged to beat his wife if he became rich but she had done nothing wrong so she did not deserve it at all. The man was in a dilemma. He wanted to fulfil his pledge to God. He found out a creative solution to come out of this jeopardy.

He made a bundle of one hundred feathers and hit his wife once softly and lovingly.

Feminine Wisdom

His wife had pledged to send him in jail if he came back but out of feminine affection she forgave that. The woman was in a dilemma and wanted to fulfil her pledge to send him in jail. She found out a creative solution and put him in the four walls of her heart with passionate hug.

Don’t look the fault in others, look your path and if you don’t find it then construct it.

Pause for a moment and try to listen and understand other’s message and wisdom.

Form of Energy

Anger is a form of reactive energy, convert it into active energy for innovation and creativity.

Anger is the outcome of ego and creativity is devoid of ego. Dissolve your ego with wisdom, anger will be dissolved too.

Fill yourself with right wisdom and look every message and situation through window of creativity. Convert the walls around you into windows. Let the light shines in.

Let love, only love rules your life.

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