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Evolve in Jigsaw Puzzle with Combine Wisdom

The world is a big jigsaw puzzle created by an unknown energy. Men have intelligence to join the various pieces in various designs with unique functions for their continuous evolution.

The four cut out pieces of different colours and shapes are given for description to a group of people.

After one minute, you are asked to describe what you saw in them. You describe each part of it and in the various combination. You give logics to prove your version. This use of an individual intelligence leads to continuous evolution.

On seeing through the child’s eye in me, I see these cut outs as four cultures and religions of the world.

The advancement of science has enlightened me to see different cultures and religions as a whole, to make a complete identity. The whole is more energetic and meaningful.

These cultures and religions need to come so close to attract each other like magnets so as to become complete and indomitable.

Lord Ganesha ——- Represents Intellect, the Life energy.

The Bible ——- Represents love, the magnetic power

Holy Quran ——- Represents the Power of divine Whisper

Guru GranthSahaib —— Represents service of whole humanity.

The combine wisdom of all enlightens you with spiritual energy, the Laws of Life of higher intellect.

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