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About Me

I advise ayurveda treatment to my clients in New Delhi, India.

I, Dr. Ashwani Kumar, am M.D. in Ayurveda. I am a certified hypnotherapist. I am a graduate in law LLB. I learnt the Ayurveda system followed in South India, Trivandrum and Kottakal in Kerala. I learnt a lot about traditional herbs and Panchakarma treatment. I joined the faculty of the Shri DhanwantryAyurvedic College, Chandigarh as Assistant. Professor.

To find a master of the ancient ‘Ayurveda Treatment’ Science of India was my first step of learning of Ayurveda Treatment. My teacher, late Dr. Rama Nand Sharma, was an eminent Ayurveda physician. I acquired rare insight in Ayurveda Treatment through ‘Guru ShishyaParampara’ education for 20 long years. I worked on Breast and Uterus cancer for my post-graduation. It broadened my mental horizon of Ayurveda. Rasayan and Bajikaran Therapy are energy rejuvenation medicines, a key invention of Ayurveda for such patients that I inherited from my teacher.

I enjoy my learning in the strange void between my knowledge and knowledge of consciousness.

As a professional, I advise my clients wellbeing energy solutions like ‘Rasayan and Bajikaran Therapy’ for their chronic debilitating diseases and healthy longevity. I educate them about the most appropriate ways to develop healthy lifestyle habits for prevention of diseases. I practice on curing allergies, asthma, hepatitis, herpes, neuro-muscular disorders, pain, arthritis, and sexual disorders male and female, anxiety, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, cancer and many more.

If your health disorder is not mentioned here, Contact me so I can explain my expertise for you.

As a teacher, I engage each student in the process of learning and developing critical thinking. I provide an enthusiastic and dynamic learning environment with real life experiences.

I have cured many patients suffering from major ailments. Now they are the propagators of my way of treatment. I give my patients an experience to enjoy whole life.

I cordially invite you to adopt a holistic approach for energetic and meaningful life.

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