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Rasayan and Bajikaran Therapy

Rasayan and Bajikaran Therapy – Premier Ayurveda Therapy to RejuvenateWellbeing Energy Learn to heal your Life Crippling diseases. You use ‘Rasayan and Bajikaran Therapy’ two times in a…

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Preventive Care

Preventive Care – Ayurveda Health Awareness Programme. Learn simple care to stop health issues before they…

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Special Ayurveda Programme – For Healthy Longevity.

Care and cure for you, your family, parents, children and friends. Once I asked a group of people, what is India’s favourite brand? There were many names…but I listen a whisper of a young…

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Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual messages help you to connect with your spirit energy. The messages of spirit appear in the form of revelations of new ideas and inspiration.You understand what messages are coming from…

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Psychological Wisdom

The psychological wisdom allows you to develop your mind with spiritual messages. You acquire more diverse knowledge to evolve your mind and develop it as an open mind. Open mind enhances your…

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Physical Energy

Ayurveda principles and the concept of diet are for the health and longevity of you, your family members and prevention of diseases. The right combination of food, eaten at right time, in right…

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Children and Teacher
Schools– Children Children - Teachers Some choices are life changing like following Ayurveda. For educational success, the teachers must ensure that no child should be left behind in the...

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Corporate Adults
Corporate – Adults Remember- ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ When your life and work put pressure on you - Are you strong enough to bear it and come out as more energetic?...

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Senior Citizen Old Age
Senior Citizens – Old age Senior Citizens Age gracefully, more charming, more energetic. I practice preventive care to stop health issues before they happen. Ayurveda principles help...

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