Ayurveda Preventive care to stop health issues before they happen


New Delhi

Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00


Who is my ideal client

I work for you with you to see you energetic.

  • I educate individuals who are continually seeking to learn Authentic Ayurveda principles and own responsibility for their healthy longevity and right values.
  • I enjoy getting involved with individuals who want to participate actively in maintaining their ‘Youthful Energy’ and make it their habit.

What I do?

To heal you better I want to get to know you better.

I advise youwhere and how you can improve your wellbeing energy and values.

“There is a very little difference between one man and another; but what little there is, is very important.” Ayurved says this. I advise you to manage these little differences to keep up your wellbeing energy.

  • I listen you to bring awareness about your unique genetic personality, its effect on your metabolism, your thought patterns and effect of different seasons on your body.
  • I advise you to develop your preventive diet plan, exercise regime and lifestyle compatible with your unique.genetic personality, metabolism, energy requirements, different seasons and age to prevent tendency of genetic diseases.
  • I advise ‘Rasayan and Baikaran Rejuvenate Therapy’ to heal your life crippling diseases.

I make sure you are using right fuel for your body, running it at its own unique pace on its unique path and giving it proper rest.

Why you need to choose me?

There are a few things in life which even money can’t buy – ‘Youthful Energy’

I heal you with the wisdom and experience I learned from my teacher late Dr. Rama NandSharma, an eminent Ayurveda physician,through ‘Guru ShishyaParampara’.

  • I use combination of all ayurved treatment approaches and methods to advise right solutions for your energy needs and health concerns.
  • I help you to develop long-term habits on right ayurveda principles.

Think ‘about’ it, if your habits are built on Ayurveda principles like your body type, strength of metabolism,different seasons, and energy requirements.

These habits work like the perfect driver for you and take care of all the hassles of your journey of life. You feel energetic, fresh with more time to tapinto new opportunities and think creatively to develop them.

I promise to make it possible for you.

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