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TRIDOSH – Vat. Pit, Kaph

Tridosh is the common name for Vat, Pit and Kaph. Tridosh is a group of 21 physical and chemical properties.

VAT: Vat is light and formed of Akash (space) and Vayu (wind) elements. It is a group of seven properties i e. Light, Dry, Cold, Subtle, Movable, Transparent, Rough.
It initiates all movements, actions in the body and control of mind. It regulates all elements responsible for birth, growth, development, stability and destruction in the body.

PIT: It is fiery in nature and made of Teja (fire) and Jal (water) elements. It is a group of seven properties ie. Hot, Sharp, Slightly Unctuous, Liquid, Light, Acidic, Pungent and unpleasant in smell.

It represents all energy activities like digestion of food, appetite, thirst, heat, softness, complexion, intelligence, courage etc.

KAPH: The kaph is heavy and made of Prithvi(earth) and Jal (water) elements. It is a group of seven properties I e. Heavy, Sweet in taste, Cold, Oily, Stable, Viscous, Slow.
It gives immunity for diseases, stability in musculo-skeleton system and serve as an energy store house of the body.

The wayTridosh influences on the structure and functions of your body is described below:-


  • It makes body strong, flexible and light in weight.
  • A little energy is needed for the movement of the body.

  • All enzymes, hormones, chemicals that keep the metabolism active.
  • They are responsible for optimum temperature of the body.

  • It makes body compact and solid.
  • It gives ideal weight with complete nutrients.

  • Less in water
  • Less in lubricants like butter, oil.

  • It makes the ability to penetrate and break apart.
  • It helps in building new circuits of intellect.
ISweet in taste

  • It is in the form of stored energy.
  • It gives instant energy to all activities of automatic and involuntary neuro-muscular system.

  • It has the ability to contract and expand quickly
  • It makes quick response to environment conditions.
Slightly unctuous

  • It protects channels from erosion.
  • It has the ability to retain fire without burning the retainer.

  • It protects from harsh climate and adversities.
  • It protects the furnace of body from overheating.

  • Due to Nano form it is easily moveable.
  • It affects every minute cell in the body.

  • The ability to move and makes others to move.
  • It helps in mixing of all the elements.

  • It lubricates all body parts for proper movement and prevention of wear and tear.
  • It lubricates the autonomic nervous system for proper functioning.

  • It coordinates all involuntary movement in the body.
  • It regulates all activities of autonomic nervous system.

  • All chemicalsare acidic to keep balance in metabolism.
  • It helps in acid- alkali balance.

  • It brings stability in all functions of body parts.
  • It gives elasticity due to which if body stretches or contracts it easily gets back into its original form.

  • It is invisible activities in the body.
  • Lack of proper composition of tissues and organs.

  • All the enzymes have these properties in their composition.
  • All chemicals and hormones have these properties to carry out their functions.

  • It helps in binding of different tissues and organs in an organised manner.
  • It keeps them in particular shape determined by genes.

  • It helps in rubbing and removing of dead cells.
  • It works as a grinder.
Unpleasant smell

  • The foul smell arises due to fermentation of dead cells
  • Chemicals and oils with foul smell are released from oil (sebaceous) and sweat glands.

  • It slows down the metabolism and activities of the body.
  • It keeps the optimum level of body
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