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Woman Compartment

The life starts from the woman compartment. In marital relationship, a woman engages herself with her man for intimate relationship, the relationship that lives on love, respect, care and appreciation for each other. During this intimate session, with god’s grace life gets planted in the compartment of the woman. The woman remains absolutely unaware of it. When her menstrual cycle gets delayed after a few days she gets worried about the fear of pregnancy. Upon knowing that she is going to become a mother, her worries start. The newborn will be a boy or a girl. Still with so such advancement and development, a boy is the first choice. I don’t know why.

Holistic Health of woman

During the period of pregnancy, a woman has no control and attachment with the baby. Although she knows she has to be the mother of future generations and the health of future generations depend upon the health of mother at physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level but she does not get support to have that health from the society and herself. This is a major confusion!


Unborn Power

The unborn life developing in the woman compartment has the power to change all the habits of the woman. It is like a struggle for survival for the yet-to-be-born. The woman starts hating things which she likes the most and she starts liking things which interest her least earlier.

Secondly, if she does not take proper nutritious diet, the baby for all its nutritional requirements uses the extracts from the woman’s body, making her fragile and weak.

The unborn life has totally its unique independent identity.


After listening the cry of baby, the curiosity and anxiety of the mother is to know whether it is a boy or a girl. This makes a lot of difference in the feelings of the woman, especially psychologically.

She is conditioned with different feelings for a boy and a girl.

Unique Programming

After birth, baby feeds on the milk of the woman which is the best and complete diet for him. Woman’s breasts have unique mechanism. Woman may eat or not but the milk produced is a complete diet. It contains all nutrition to protect the child from infections and help in the child’s proper development.

When asleep, the child smiles to itself. I think that this is the time when the essence of psychological programmes of the combined actions of previous life and what God wants to give as His gift of spiritual messages to the child, are downloaded in him.

Emotional Slavery

On the mother’s side, she begins to develop emotions for her child which are stronger for boys and weaker for girls. The woman and her family start cultivating emotional attachment in the baby. They slowly and steadily grip the child in the web of emotions and attachment.

Then emotional slavery period of the growing child comes. The parents who are unable to fulfil their material and social responsibilities, requirements and desires try to pursue the child to fulfil these by projecting them as his responsibilities and duties.

What about the child’s own desires?

Very few children are able to break the web of emotions and attachment and move independently in their life.

Even Arjuna, the great warrior of the great Mahabharata was trapped in the web of emotions and attachment and gave up the desire of kingdom which belongs to him.

Emotions deprive you of your own drives, actions and duties that are unique to you. It makes you lazy, indecisive. Lord Krishna advised Arjunato come out of the web of emotions and attachment and perform his actions to win laurel.

On the other hand, the King Dhritrastar was also trapped in the web of emotions and attachment which ultimately led to the war of Mahabharata and the demise of all his sons.

Child’s Eyes

Stand on your feet and carry your child on your shoulder to see ahead through your child’s eyes. Move where the future in the form of the child wants you to go.

I have tried to open your eyes with my scientific and psychological observations of life cycle.

You take the initiative to come out of this web i.e. web of emotions and attachment of the known, fear and worry of the unknown to chase your own desires and dreams.

Let me know how your new journey is.

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