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Medical Personality

Everyone has unique physical appearance, intelligence, talent, attitude, aptitude and energy. Even the twins differ although it may be very minute.

Ancient ayurveda physicians acknowledge this with subtle state of mind. They observe and understand the functioning of ‘Laws of Life and Laws of Nature’. For the purpose of guidance about diet, exercise regime,life habits and medicines for individual they broadly divided all persons in three main groups, known as medical personality. Your diet, exercise regime and life habits must be compatible with your individual medical personality although it may vary a very little.

Now I educate you to find your own medical personality according to ancient ayurveda principles and my long clinical experience which I inherited through Guru-Shishaya Parampara.

There are three types of medical personalities i.e. VAT, PIT, KAPH. These vat, pit, kaphare visible by visible signs and symptoms in physical appearance of the body, functions in the body, immunity, in individual’s behaviour, thinking and intellectual process.

Read to find out your unique medical personality.

Physical appearance of the body

Skin will be dry even in summer. Skin will be slightly oily even in winter. Skin will be oily even in summer and winter.
It will sweet a little. It will sweet a lot. It will not sweet much.
Nails will be brittle. Nails will be soft and pinkish. Nails will be strong and well formed.
It will look weak. It will be moderate strong. It will be physically strong.

Functions of the body

Appetite will be good but irregular, eat a lot but never get satisfied. Appetite is good, don’t eat a lot but satisfied. Appetite is good but don’t eat much.
If one doesn’t eat food one feels lack of energy. One needs food at proper time although one doesn’t feel much lack of energy. If one doesn’t get food one still feels energetic.
Thirst will be good. A few sips of water will satiate the thirst but will drink more Thirst will be good. One will drink good quantity of water but doesn’t drink more Thirst will not be much.
frequently. frequently. It will be physically strong.
Stool is hard and with constipated tendency. Stool is soft and tendency for loose form. Stool is normal and formed.
In sleep one immediately notices the knock at the door and get up. In sleep one notices the knock at the door but takes time to get up. Sound sleep one doesn’t take notice of the knock at the door.

Behaviour of Individual

One will be less social and friendly with few friends. One will be social and friendly and take care of commitments. One will be social and friendly and ignore the fault of others.
One will be aggressive. One will be courageous and assertive. One will be jolly by nature.
One will be irritating in nature One will be fierce in nature. One will be cool in nature.
One will argue and fight on unnecessary matters without logic. One will take stand on genuine cause with logic. One will listen others point of view.
One will lack patience and tolerance. One will have less patience and tolerance. One will show patience and contentment.

Thinking and intellectual process

It remembers very fast and forgets equally fast. It remembers very fast and retains too. It takes time to remember but never forgets.
It is good in initiative but mostly never accomplishes work in hand. It is good in initiative and always finishes the work in hand. It lacks initiative but once starts work then one completes it.
It lacks intelligence. One is good in intelligent. It will be most intelligent.
It does not complain loss of memory in old age. It complains loss of memory in old age. It does not complain loss of memory in old age
It has creative new ideas but mostly they will be imaginative. It is creative with full of daring new ideas that can be accomplished with perseverance. It is not creative.

You observe that you have some qualities of Vat, Pit and Kaph but you have more qualities of one or two. According to their more presence in you, you can be called VAT, PIT or KAPH or mix of any two or three.

The key to live a long healthy life is to nurtureyour unique medical personality with right diet, exercise regime, thought process and life habits.

Tell me what your medical personality is.

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