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Concept of Diet in Ayurved-4

You know the importance of six tastes, ten food groups, six properties of food, while choosing the right diet for your youthful energy and healthy longevity. Although you are following it sincerely still you are not getting youthful energy! Why?


The most important aspect of diet is missing and it is the principles of right eating. habits.


To get the full benefit of food, it should be properly digested, with digestive juices of stomach, liver, pancreas and absorbed through intestine. You should eat only that much food which can be easily and properly digested. It depends on the digestive fire, not only in the stomach but also at the tissue level. Ayurved has laid down certain principles for best use of this digestive fire (Agni) which you must understand and follow wholeheartedly.


  1. You divide your stomach in three parts, mentally. Fill one part with solid food, other part with liquid and remaining third part keep empty for the proper movement of food. It means after eating food you should never have the feeling of a full stomach. For e.g. when you grind food in a mixer grinder, you keep one-third of it empty for its proper movement.


  1. You eat food at fix time. Your body works on the biological clock and excretes digestive juices at fixed times.


  1. You don’t eat anything in between meals. Your stomach is not like garbage bin where you can put anything, whenever you want.


  1. Your quantity of food should be fixed with 5% variation. Not less, not more than that. An important aspect mentioned in ayurveda which you must know is, for e.g. Green Gram Dal is light to digest and Black Gram Dal is heavy to digest. If you use one bowl of Green Gram Dal daily then it can be supplemented with 1/3 bowl of Black Gram Dal for proper digestion. You generally ignore such simple calculations for choosing right quantity of food.


  1. You choose food from all six tastes, ten food groups and six properties but plan their quantity according to your medical temperament, strength of metabolism, energy requirements and different seasons.


  1. You eat food only when the previous eaten food is digested, otherwise it will convert into AMA (the toxic indigested substance) & cause health problems.



The symptoms of AMA are heaviness in your body, lethargy, laziness, constipation, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, indigested food, feverish feeling, vomiting, yawning, lack of freshness, straining while passing stool, excessive salivation, bad taste, acidity, headache, lack of interest in sexual activities, fainting, vertigo, excessive thirst, etc.


  1. Your food should be properly cooked, hot, unctuous and palatable.


Your food nurtures your body’s requirements of macro, micro nutrients, chemicals, trace minerals, vitamins, enzymes, hormones and energy for growth and maintenance of body functions and tissues.

Your body is a unique machine which owns the ability to heal itself, nurture it properly.


Feel educated and fresh with right wisdom to start it NOW.

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