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Your wellbeing energy is the outcome of the food you eat and your thoughts, behaviour and attitude for life.

According to ayurved, three doshas make three types of medical personality: VAT, PIT, KAPH.

Vat activates the body, Pit is heat of the body and Kaph is fuel for the body.

Most people show mix features of any two mixed personality. By keeping three doshas in balance you keep your unique medical personality in best health. To achieve this ayurveda mentions following concept of right food and principles of eating.

  • Concept of six tastes of food.
  • Concept of ten food groups of food.
  • Concept of six properties of food.
  • Concept of right eating habits of food.

First I educate you with the concept of six tastes of food.

There are six tastes as Sweet, Sour, Salt, Pungent, Bitter, Astringent. They affect the medical personality and wellbeing energy of you.

See how?

Sweet, Sour, Salt——————– It aggravates kaph and soothes vat

Pungent, Bitter, Astringent——–It aggravates vat and soothes kaph.

Sweet, Bitter, Astringent———-It soothes pit

Pungent, Sour, Salt——————It aggravates pit

Sweet: It nurtures senses, mind and body. It pacifies vat and pit.
In excess, it aggravates kaph and produces obesity, lethargy, drowsiness, abnormal growth, cough, diabetes, diseases of arteries.
e.g.: Rice, Wheat, Milk, Ghee, Oils, Fruits, and Sugar etc.

Sour: It helps in relishing food, stimulates digestion and appetite. It pacifies vat.
In excess, it aggravates pit and results in burning sensation, weakness of muscles and suppuration in wounds.
e.g.: Unripe Mango, Curd, Lemon, Tomato, Sour Orange, Alcohol etc.

Salt: It brings taste in food, removes stiffness and cleans channels. It pacifies vat.
In excess, it aggravates pit and causes thirst, fainting, skin diseases.
e.g.: Rock Salt, Cooking Salt.

Pungent: It stimulates digestion and helps in absorption of food. It pacifies kaph.
In excess, it aggravates pit and vat. It causes giddiness, burning throat, excessive body heat, loss of strength and sexual potency.
e.g.: Spices, Black Pepper, Ginger, Garlic etc.

Bitter: It expels intestine worms, heals burning sensation, skin diseases. It pacifies pit and kaph.
In excess, it aggravates vat, dries up plasma, blood and secretions of the body.
e.g.: Turmeric, Bitter Gourd, Fenugreek, Neem leaves.

Astringent: It is sedative. It pacifies pit and kaph.
In excess, it aggravates vat and causes dryness in mouth, harsh voice, gas formation, stiffness in body.
e.g.: Beans, Leafy Green Vegetables, Tea etc.

You eat food from all six tastes and balance their quantity with your medical personality. It is the – ATM Key – key to a healthy diet plan.

Now equip yourself with the right knowledge and importance of tastes to make it a habit.

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