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Lord Ganesha-Through Prism of Science

Religion is a science for your spiritual enlightenment.

In Hinduism, God and goddess are used as a medium to explain the science of intelligence, spiritual energy. The Hindus worship Lord Ganesha before the start of any new work to take His intellectual blessings.

I explain the various features and their real meaning as per my understanding of our ancient scholars. This understanding has enhanced clarity and confidence in my vision about the scientific approach of our ancient scholars.

You see Lord Ganesha through the prism of science

First: Lord Ganesha is shown as a child.

It means, child is free from any conditioning of the mind.

Second: Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant.

It means, head just controls the functioning of body organs.

Third: Lord Ganesha is obese with a huge belly.

It means, obese and a huge belly is not the cause of poor health and diseases.

Fourth: Lord Ganesha consumes lots of laddus (a type of sweets).

It means, eating lots of sweets does not affect your body in enhancing the weight and causing diseases, if you are active like a child.

Fifth: Lord Ganesha is riding on a rat.

It means, a heavy body (as it appears) can weigh-less if it is made of light and strong material and it is not attracted by the gravity of earth.

Sixth: Lord Ganesha is equipped with simple arms.

It means, to defend yourself from physical harms you don’t need heavy sophisticated weapons.

Seventh: Lord Ganesha is still the most powerful.
It means, the most powerful is an intelligence that drives and controls all activities of the universe.

Power of Intelligence:

It is an intelligence that activates all physical limitations known by a common man. Intelligence, spiritual energy, is the operating energy which controls all the functions of the body and the universe.

By worshiping Lord Ganesha at the beginning of any work we actually worship, His inner power, intelligence that governs and regulates everything.

Let your spiritual energy enlightens you in all your endeavours.

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