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Holy Quran-Listen Divine Whisper

My Muslim brothers follow the teachings of Holy Quran. The Holy Quran is a collection of wisdom narrated by the Prophet Mohammad a representative of Allah.

The most important message that I learnt from the Holy Quran is to listen Divine Whisper. It is my guiding compass in life.

Silent Whisper for progress:

There are two types of angels, good and bad. The bad angels surround you all the time and make walls around you to narrate themselves. They try to interfere and influence your thinking and your life. They try to persuade you to believe they are the angel of God. Whatever they say are the words of Allah (the Muslim God). But in reality they have no connection with Allah. Allah never has connections with the bad angels.

The good angels come at the ripe and right time and silently whisper Allah’s message. They show glimpse of light, charge your life and go away. It develops new pattern of listening, feeling, seeing and thinking beyond your present knowledge.

You wait patiently and silently for good angels to come and guide you on your right path.

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