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Concept of Diet in Ayurved-2

You know the value of six tastes of food. You combine it in your diet to best suit with your medical personality.

Now I educate you about different food groups of diet. You should eat food from all food groups to get the balanced nutrition for healthy longevity.

These are following:-

  1. Grains: They are rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fibres. They provide energy and stability to the body. They pacify Vat.

e.g.: Wheat, Rice, Millet, Barley, Maize etc.

  1. Legumes: They are good source of proteins. A combination of grains and legumes fulfil all the nutrition requirement of proteins for the body and give stable energy. They pacify vat.

e.g.: Green Gram Dal, Black Gram Dal, Horse Gram Dal, Bengal Gram Dal, Red Gram Dal etc.

  1. Meat: Ayurveda has described numerous types of meat and their effect on body. They are heavy and bulk forming. They pacify Vat and are aphrodisiacs and tonics. But they aggravate Rajas and Tamas – two psychic factors of Indian philosophy, and diminishes the function of Satav psychic factor. They cause dullness in intelligence and memory.

e.g.: Goat, Chicken, Fish, Deer, and Pig etc.

  1. Leafy Green: They possess a good amount of Vitamins, iron and fibre. They aggravate vat.

e.g.: Spinach, Fenugreek leaves, Mustard leaves, Bathua, Coriander leaves etc.

  1. Fruits: They are a rich source of vitamins, essential minerals and fibre. They give instant energy.

e.g.: Mango, Lichi, Melon, Dates, Grapes, Fig, Banana, Orange, Coconut Water etc.

  1. Roots: They are good appetizer and aphrodisiacs. They pacify Vat and Kaph but aggravate Pit.

e.g.: Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Radish, Carrot etc.

  1. Fermented Liquor: In small doses, they are appetizer, exhilarating and nourishing. In excess, they aggravate Pit, confuse the mind and diminish Satav.

e.g.: Ayurveda Asavas, Aristas and Alcohol etc.

  1. Water: Water pacifies thirst and is essential for life. Boiled water is light and digestive. In spite of this, you should not flood your body with excessive intake of water. It causes weak digestion, acidity, sinus, asthma, arthritis etc.
  1. Milk and Dairy products: Cow’s milk is light, sweet, nourishing, memory enhancing. Buffalo’s milk is heavy, increases weight and causes arthritis. Curd alleviates Vat, aggravates Kaph and Pit. It is harmful for disorders of blood. It blocks circulatory channels. Ghee is good for memory and intelligence. It promotes digestion. It alleviates Vat and Pit, but in excess it aggravates Kaph.
  1. Sugar and Honey: Sugarcane juice is sweet and laxative. It aggravates Kaph, pacifies Vat and Pit. Honey is sweet and astringent. It aggravates Vat, reduces Pit and Kaph.

To achieve ideal weight, healthy longevity you include food from all the above food groups. The quantity should be according to your digestion power and present state of Vat, Pit and Kaph.

Glow your face with agile body and alert mind.

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