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Ayurved-In a New Scientific Approach

To master ayurved, you have to understand its thoughts and philosophy of healing. It is based on the understanding of Laws of life and Laws of Nature. You can observe theLaws of Nature. Life moves in co-ordination with time and space. You cannot see life until it connects with matter. When life attaches with matter it becomes visible in the form of intelligence and reveals the Laws of Life.To heal your body you have to understand the Laws of Life, working of life due to which either you are alive or dead.

Ayurveda mentions two aspects of life- Micro and Macro.
The Micro- Invisible
The Macro- Visible

MICRO: The invisible part is that which initiates the development of the body at birth and leaves it at death.
It is compiled of -SOUL, SENSES, MIND
In this Soul is the carrier.

Senses carry the collection of programs of your unique abilities of intelligence.

Mind is to attach this small invisible micro aspect with the visible macro one. It docks the invisible with visible. Due to it we are connected with soul on one end and on thother end with the outside world.

Soul activates the mind through its senses. Senses are like sensors. Senses should be healthy to conduct the messages of soul to mind. This part of senses is the cause of diseases with which one is born. It can be physical or psychological. It can reveal at different times of life span. It never responds to present known system of medicine. That is my observation and field of work. There are many ways to heal this but they need advance study withscientific clarity.

MACRO: This is the visible part that we see, we care for. The malfunction of this is the cause of all diseases on which a doctor works.
It is compiled as-STRUCTURE (Tissues), PROCESSOR (Agni), EXCRETION (Waste).

Structure– It is defined in the form of seven types of tissues that is Plasma, Blood, Muscle, Fat, Bone, Bone-marrow and Semen. It is responsible for visible aspect of existence and its strength.

Processor: It is defined as agni – heat- energy which is needed for all types of activities in the structural part of Macro (Visible).
To understand the function of processor is beyond the capability of my present knowledge and experience. I feel the secret of human Intelligence lies in this processor.

Here I will share my observation. People all over the world, in different region, observing different religion, have different eating regimes. Some are forbidden by culture and religion and some are recommended as nectar. Irrespective of what people eat, due to the unknown process in the body, it is converted into bones, muscles, blood etc. and nourishes them all equally. The composition of waste material in the form of urine and stool is the same, irrespective of quality of food intake.

I am looking towards scientific community of the world to enlighten me with the wisdom on the working of the processor.

Excretion: It is the material that is excreted from the visible structure. We call it as waste material. It includes Stool, Urine, Mucus, Bile, Wax in ears, Sweat, Hair, Nails and oils.

The Micro part sends the messages through mind to activate macro part. Every message from micro to macro through mind comes in a queue but the speed of the message is too fast or in a frequency we can’t decode it with the present scientific knowledge as far as I know. It is one of my areas of interest and research.

The sleep is to restore the unique settings of body which you inherit. This way it helps in self-healing. It refreshes and rejuvenates you.

This is my small effort to express work of ancient ayurvedascholars in a new format.

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