Ayurveda Preventive care to stop health issues before they happen


New Delhi

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My Philosophy

I believe right knowledge improves people’s life.

Every person deserves the right to know how to get spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing energy in one’s life. I strongly believe that educating true Ayurveda principles to each person is the right approach to inculcate passion for youthful looks and healthy longevity.

The best service to people is to bring smile on peoples’ face. I can achieve this by educating them Authentic Ayurveda Principles of progressive care, motivate them and make them responsible for their own lifestyle habits and nutrition.

Energetic people are true wealth of the world.

Shape the Future of Humanity.

Children and Teacher
Schools– Children Children - Teachers Some choices are life changing like following Ayurveda. For educational success, the teachers must ensure that no child should be left behind in the...

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Corporate Adults
Corporate – Adults Remember- ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ When your life and work put pressure on you - Are you strong enough to bear it and come out as more energetic?...

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Senior Citizen Old Age
Senior Citizens – Old age Senior Citizens Age gracefully, more charming, more energetic. I practice preventive care to stop health issues before they happen. Ayurveda principles help...

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