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Marriage-Transformation of Life

What is the purpose of marriage?


Men and women have a wide range of relationships in their life. They enjoy all these relationships till adulthood and it becomes their habit. They feel comfort in these relationships. But they can’t enjoy one most important part of life which is passionate love, romance and physical intimacy. For this they are united together with the bond of marriage as husband and wife.

Passionate Love

As husband and wife they enjoy passionate love, romance and physical intimacy which they can’t enjoy in any other relationship. It shows that husband and wife are dependent on each other for their important part of life, passionate love. Passionate love enhances with loving and caring feelings for each other.

Husband and wife have developed loving and caring feelings from childhood with all relationships. When they enter into a bond of marriage they can’t differentiate loving and caring feelings that lead to passionate love from loving and caring feeling of other relationships. Here, loving and caring feelings transform into passionate love.

Chemical Bonding

In marriage, a man and a woman move into a new relationship as a husband and a wife, with a special chemical bonding and transformation. This chemical bonding is strengthened with love, respect, care and appreciation for each other till death separates them and it has blessings of the divine energy.

Physical Mixing

All other relationships are physical mixing which can be separated with slight provocation also.

To have a successful chemical bonding of marriage, change your habits of physical mixing. Those habits do not work here. Develop new habits, new identity to enjoy and flourish with new identity devoid of any distraction and interference, for a happy home which is your most cherished dream.

For this learn the art of Passionate Love.

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