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Genes- Intelligent and Creative Programme of life

The Genes gives you freedom of will. The programming of genes is initiated with the divine energy of love.

Freedom of Will:

When in hostile conditions, in a hostile country, you are isolated from your familiar world and even live behind bars but you still have freedom of will.

Once there was a merchant who had captivated a sparrow in a cage. He took great care of the sparrow but the sparrow was unhappy. She was missing freedom and the company of her family members. One day the merchant was to go to the jungle. He asked the sparrow if she wanted to give any message to her family members. She asked him to say that she will not live for a long time.

In the jungle, the merchant delivered the message to her family members. They become sad. He asked them for any message for the sparrow but they kept silent in sorrow. Suddenly, from a tree branch, a sparrow fell down on the earth.

After returning home, the merchant narrated whole episode to the sparrow. After listening to the entire incident, the sparrow fell down on the floor of the cage. The merchant immediately opened the door of the cage and carefully took out the sparrow. Then the sparrow flew away.

She used her freedom of will to understand the silent message of her family member to execute it.

Silent Communication:

Most times you are unable to understand the silent messages delivered by the messenger of God through silent communication.

When you are full of love, you attach yourself with the spirit energy. You get ability to recognise good angels and listen their silent messages which reveals in the form of higher intellect.

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