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Ayurved Detoxification

To ensure your energy level is best.
What I do to get the lasting results for my clients.
Some easy lessons you can learn to use, to ensure you are energetic.

  • Metabolism:- It is known as ‘Agni’ in Ayurveda. There are 13 types of agni working at different steps and stages of food digestion for complete conversion of it for body use. The complete conversion of all nutritious food at each step and stage of digestion is essential for your healthy energy.

    Incomplete conversion of food cannot move to the next step of digestion and be useful for the body. It accumulates in the body. It becomes the first cause of accumulation of toxins in your body.
    You should nurture your own unique metabolism.

  • Structure Channels:- The various channels of structural part of body are made of healthy ‘Dhatus’ (Tissues). For the best performance, all tissues must be ‘actively organized with each other’ with full strength, elasticity and flexibility.

    Due to weak tissues and its unorganized activation, lack of strength, elasticity and flexibility nutrition gets stuck in channels and didn’t reach at the final step of requirement in the body in time. This accumulated extra nutrition is like foreign substance for that part of the body and need immediate evacuation from body.
    You eat quantity of food that support the proper movement of nutrition in channels in an organised way.

  • Mind:- The fully loving, humble and peaceful mind keeps balance in sympathetic and para sympathetic network of nerves. It helps in regulation of balanced distribution of all chemicalsand nutrition’s in the body.

    Mind is to develop new skills not to plan new things. You make decisions in life on right fundamental principles not emotions.

  • Excretion:- While performing various functions, your body generates many toxins for removal from your body through excretory channels. Timely removal of these toxins from the body is essential. The outlet of excretory channels should be fully open at right time for evacuation of all toxins.

    For your unique medical personality, some foods produce more toxins while other foods produce less toxins. You should develop taste for the food that will produce less toxins for your specific medical personality.

While choosing the right detoxifying recipe, I consider all these ‘metabolism, structure channels, mind, excretion’ and many more factors to give lasting experience to my clients. They should relish it for the whole life and share their joy with their family, friends and neighbours.
Your body is like your dream car and healthy energy is like pure fuel to take you to your dream destination.
While chasing your dream profession you must carry your health energy with you.
Now, it is right time for you to remove toxins from your body for healthy energetic life.
You can ask me for right detoxifying recipe for you.

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