Ayurveda Preventive care to stop health issues before they happen


New Delhi

Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00


Ayurveda Health Awareness Program

Care and cure for you, your family, parents, children and friends.
Once I asked a group of people, what is India’s favourite brand? There were many names…but I listen a whisper of a young child- Ayurved; Ayurved heals everybody in my family, me, my parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, neighbours and my teachers.

The glory of the country depends on the energetic people.

  • The people’sbest physical energy, psychological energy, emotional energy and spiritual energy is essential so thatthey can fulfil their duties intelligently and creatively.
  • If people are energetic, instead of just finishing their bare duties, theywill look and find out best opportunities to improve their own performance and development of the country.


Ayurveda principles are like common law. You must know them and follow them.

  • This programme will inculcate discipline in your life. You will have more time and more energy.
  • You will learn the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda Principles. Youwill make it your habit to keep yourself energetic and creative.
  • It will remove pressure from your life and inculcate passion in your life.You will be in your genius zone.

What you will achieve

  • You will develop your habits of diet, exercise and lifestyle with your unique medical personality.
  • You will dowhat unique and precise for your medical personality you have to do to improve your wellbeing energy.
  • You will align your physical energy with your psychological energy. Then psychological energy with your emotional energy, and then emotional energy with your spiritual energy.

What you will learn in this programme

  1. Introduction of Ayurved
  2. Basic functioning of your body.
  3. Satav, Raj, Tam
  4. Man (Mind)
  5. Tridosh – Vat, Pit, Kaph
  6. Dhatu
  7. Agni
  8. Mal Kriya
  9. Medical Personality
  10. Seasons Influence
  11. Diet and Nutrition.
  12. Ayurved Cooking
  13. Metabolism
  14. Concept of Energy Level
  15. Form of Food
  16. Concept of Exercise
  17. Sleep
  18. Meditation
  19. Home remedies

Think about the strength of your wellbeing energy if youknow all the Ayurveda principles of healthy living and apply them in your life.
I light the candles to illuminate the world with ancient ayurveda wisdom through ‘Ayurveda Health Awareness Programme’. Come, light your candle and light the candle of others.
Join ‘Ayurved Health Awareness Programme’ with your Loving partnerandfriends, to rejuvenate your ambience.

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